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Why is the YouTube Description important?

Like Video Titles, Video Descriptions play a dual role of enabling Video SEO through relevant keywords AND providing viewers with descriptive text about the video. The Video Description can also provide natural pathways to other chapters in the video, links to your website, links to social media, links to other videos or further reading/resources.

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What should you write in a YouTube Description?

Video descriptions by default truncate to the first 3 lines (roughly 280 characters) on YouTube when a video is initially loaded. Vimeo’s video description truncation is much more generous at 750 characters. But given YouTube’s dominance with online video, you should ensure you front-load your description with the most important words in the first 3 lines.
It’s worth noting that truncated video descriptions only appear for desktop users. Mobile users don’t see any of the Video Description by default and must choose to expand them

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