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Why Blog Fails ?

In my today’s article I am going to share some reasons why blog fails.

Fail to make plans and strategies

Most of the blog fails because they do not work under a defined system, they do create strategies before writing any article. They fail to plan their blogging style, posting frequency. Majority of blogs fails due to this reason.

Fail to choose appropriate blogging platform

Choosing a wrong platform for blogging can sometimes lead to failure. So, before starting a blog choose the best blogging platform and do read about two of my favorite blogging softwares

Zero in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a blogger does not have any knowledge about SEO, his/her blog will fail after a period of time. So, to make your successful, knowledge about SEO is must, do read my Google MythBuster Series.

Fail to research before starting a blog

Majority of bloggers do not research about their hidden talent, they do not research on which topic to start a blog, they only follow the crowd and start a blog on which their friend is blogging.

This should not happen, first explore yourself and ask yourself what are the topics you love. Do read my article on How to Find a Good & Proper Niche For Your Blog.

90% bloggers are lazy

This is my personal view that majority of bloggers are lazy. They do not work hard in reading other blogs, reading eBook, reading tutorials, tips and tricks. This is the reason why blog fails.

Lack of patience

Many bloggers quit blogging due to lack of patience. Blogging does requires a bit of patience as success comes with time. So, lack is patience is another reason of blog failure.

Loose interest

Many bloggers quit blogging because they loose interest in their blog. As a blogger quits blogging, the traffic graph will gradually go down.

No post idea left

Blog fails when the blogger has no post idea left. If a blog is not updated on daily basis, gradually it is left unread and thus fails. This is the reason many blogger quit blogging.

Cannot bear the competition

Some blogs fails because they cannot bear the competition. There are millions of blogs these days and the competition is very tough, so some bloggers quit blogging as they see themselves at last in the competition.

Content not up to the mark

When the content is not upto the mark, blog fails. Most of the bloggers, writes for the search engines and not for the their readers. So, when the content is not interested and useless, a blog fails.

Content highly over the mark

Some people uses very high technical language in their blog, a common man is unable to understand the content, so when the content is highly over the mark, a blog fails.

Lack focus

When you lack focus on content writing and blog maintenance, your blog will fail after a period of time. So, to make a blog better you must be focused.

No Feedback

Many bloggers quit blogging because they do not get feedback or if they get any feedback, it is negative which results in failure.

No inspiration

Many blogs fails after a period of time because they have no source of inspiration. Source of inspiration helps to keep up the blogging spirit and the passion of blogging remains alive and if there is no source of inspiration, a blog may fail.

No blogging network

A blog can fail if it has no network of other bloggers. A blogging network is must for every blog as it helps to promote your articles and also helps in solving problems.

No audience to hear

We all blog so that others can read our articles and can get benefit from it, if their is no audience to hear, a blog will definitely fail. That is why I told you earlier that topic selection is very important before starting a blog.

No interaction with readers

Why Blog Fails ?
Why Blog Fails ?

If you do not interact with your readers, after a period of time you will stop getting comments on your blog, user comments gives us positive feedback and helps to improve ourselves. If we are not interacting with our readers, the traffic graph of blog can go down.

These were few points that I have asked from those bloggers who quit blogging after 3-4 months. I know I might have missed many points, I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions and feedback.

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