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What Are Good Blog Topics To Make Money

What are good blog topics to make money that you want to write on your blog. However with so many options and ideas coming in, it is difficult to determine the best topic for you.

So to help you,

Here are some tips in developing good blog topics to make money:

1. List down all the topics that pop into your head.

Taking note of topics by impulse will enumerate the things you are actually interested in. Why?

First, you have an unspoken bias to whatever you will list down. Your impulse tells you that these are your most pressing concerns and your blog is a good way to let them all out.

Second, your subconscious tells you what your mind can develop later. It is similar to focusing on what you can do than what you cannot, because starting on negative thoughts will bring you nowhere. Of course, later on you will discover that there are topics you just cannot develop, but now is not the time for that. You would need to find out first where you can start.

2. Prioritize.

At this stage, you need to ask yourself how interested you are in each of the topics in your list. Remember that your passion equates to your energy level in writing. By prioritizing, you can discover the topic that you are most confident with, and assess the resources you have to develop it more.

3. Evaluate the topic that tops your list.

Obviously, the topic that emerges first is very likely to be the one you are most interested in and most confident about. Now, this is the time to think of all the factors that can affect you in writing this topic.

a. Is the selected topic already specific?

A topic that is too broad will surely result in ambiguity. So to avoid confusing your readers, choose a pivotal point for your topic. However, be careful in being too specific for it may limit your audience and your article.

b. How popular is this topic?

It counts that since you are interested in it, there are other people who are as well. Make sure that this topic is something that your readers will like and will want to share with other people.

c. Is there a future for this topic?

It is true that what is popular now may not be popular later. However, you need to make sure that your topic offers an insight that is timeless.

For instance, if you have talked about iPhone now, aware that a new iPhone will be introduced within the year, you can have your article revolve around how the iPhone stood up among all other smart phones in the market during its time, or how it has changed your mobile experience personally.

4. Be consistent with your niche.

What are Good Blog Topics
What are Good Blog Topics

The topic you selected may not be completely similar with your blog’s theme. However, try to establish a connection with every blog topic that you have so you can create your own trademark or branding.

Which topic did you end up with? Tell us! Just post it as a comment below.

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