‘The Forgiven’ Is a Powerful Journey Not Everyone Will Want to Take

Set in the desert wastes of the Sahara, it chronicles the life-altering challenges in the lives of a disparate group of partygoers.

who arrive for a weekend of heavy drinking, drugs and sex in Morocco.

Although it often mirrors Bernardo Bertolucci's The Sheltering Sky, a much better film based on a novel by the great Paul Bowles, also set in Morocco,

The Forgiven is a more contemporary, yet equally vivid and atmospheric look at louche interlopers in a toxic environment who stay too long at the fair.

Then the dead boy's father arrives to demand that David return with him to his village to attend the burial.

Writer-director John Michael McDonough examines the differences between two cultural abysses—the privileged  and indulgent world.

The Forgiven is not a journey every viewer will want to make, but it's a rewarding experience  to watch Ralph Fiennes play the emotional subtexts

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