Meet Isabella Barrett a Self Made  Multimillionaire at 15

Isabella Barrett, 15, has a reported net worth of $2 million after parlaying an appearance on the

TLC reality show "Toddlers & Tiaras" into a lucrative career as a young influencer.

The self-described "entrepreneur" has recently inked multiple endorsement deals and isn't afraid to flaunt her newly acquired wealth.

"Work Hard / Play Hard," Barrett bragged beneath a video shared with her more than 67,000 Instagram followers

In the clip, the Rhode Island-born star was seen behind the wheel of an expensive red Ferrari and posing for the camera as cash flew through the air.

While Barrett has been a social media star for years, she hasn't been a headline fixture in the mainstream media for a decade.

Back in 2012, her mom, Susanna, filed a $30 million lawsuit against three news outlets, alleging they tried to sexualize a performance that the then 5-year-old gave at a charity event.

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