Writer, Actor and Producer Jennifer Levinson Harnessed Social Media to Break Out in Hollywood

In the 2016 film LaLa Land, the aspiring actress played by Emma Stone jump starts her career

by writing, producing and starring in her own play.

Jennifer Levinson has done something very similar, but instead of performing in front of a handful of theater-goers,

she got her break by performing in front of millions on social media.

After years of appearing on YouTube and SnapChat, Levinson, 30, is now the writer and producer (as well as a performer) in Trust, a new feature-length movie distributed by Menemsha Films

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Levinson studied theater at Chapman University before working in social media.

She credits her social media following with propelling her career, which has also included filming commercials for Marriott and promotional videos for Sony Pictures.

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