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Top Features of Biblical Rules in Financial Investments

The world of finance is vast and complex. As of 2022, the US’s financial planning and advice industry has a market revenue of $59.2 billion. If you own assets or investment products, you benefit from this industry.

How do you know the profits you enjoy are earned using moral and ethical means? How do you evaluate companies to understand if they have similar values as you?

If you are looking to merge your faith and finance seamlessly, biblical financial planning would be the way to go.

What is Biblical Financial Planning?

Biblical or faith-based financial planning is an approach wherein you endorse and engage with companies working to better the society you live in.

Investment firms offering these plans ensure that you are not profiting from any sinful activities. They understand your financial goals and provide you with a tailored plan that considers your faith.

Top Features of Biblical Rules in Financial Investments

Let us look at features of biblical planning that help you make responsible choices when it comes to financing.

Work with Informed Christian Advisors

Christian advisors can better empathize and understand your viewpoint. Other financial advisors might be focused on making as much money as possible, regardless of the ethical standard of the companies. 

But that is not the case with christian advisors. You can talk to them freely and learn how to make better faith-based investment decisions. 

Investments will be transparent. You can question them to understand the profit-making process better. An experienced team will also monitor investments closely for your benefit.

Avoid Companies Involved in Sinful Activities

Investment firms have screening rules to ensure you work with only the best companies in the market. For example, companies that indulge in pornography, gambling, abortion promotion, sale of cannabis, tobacco, or alcohol are flagged as unfavorable. 

You can have the confidence that you are not earning any profit from sinful companies degrading the society you live in.

Invest in Companies Making a Positive Impact

You will make money by engaging with companies that bring about a positive change in the world. For example, companies that build products or services to help users, provide favorable working conditions to employees, help communities they are involved with, and champion environmental causes.

The investment firm ensures that you engage with organizations with high ethical and moral standards. 

Align Faith and Finance with Biblically Responsible Investment Plans 

If you do not know how you profit from your investments, christian advisors can answer the question for you. They will look at your 401k, IRA, and other investment products and explain how you make money. 

The advisors will then provide you with a customized, biblically responsible plan to align your faith and finance. You will work with quality companies with high moral standards and financial expertise. 

Biblical Rules in Financial Investments
Biblical Rules in Financial Investments

As christians, profiting from sinful activities is not the way to meet your financial goals. Biblical financial planning is a strategy through which your investments and faith-based values can find a middle ground. You can get in touch with christian advisors to understand your current finances and how you can do better and make responsible choices. 

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