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Top 10 SEO Mistakes In Blogging

Its quite obvious to do seo mistakes when we start new a blog. We all learn from experiences, so here is the list of 10 major blogging seo mistakes which everyone makes.

1. Using the wrong Keywords: Biggest seo Mistakes

A common seo mistake people make, even the most experienced SEO professionals, is simply choosing keywords that are descriptive of the content of their website without putting in mind what most Internet users will search for. For example, not many people will search for “relationship guide”. If you have a website dealing in relationships, you would be best suited with keywords such as “dating advice”.

2. Not paying attention to the title tag:

Another seo mistake most people do is not having any text for the title tag. This is a mistake because having a keyword in your title tag can go a long way in optimizing your website.

3. Only using Flash on your website:

Flash may seem like an aesthetically appealing option but the truth of the matter is that it is an SEO nightmare. If you would like search engines to rank your website favorably, you need to ensure that it has an HTML alternative.

4. Using menus that are in java script:

Making use of java script in your website’s menus is fine as long as you realize that not all search engines will read this script in the same way. Thus, you need to ensure that your pages have been programmed accordingly or consider having a sitemap on your website.

5. Irregular maintenance:

Keeping your website optimized is not something that is done once and forgotten about. It is an on-going process that would need you to stay abreast with your competition and keep your content and keywords fresh.

6. Excessive emphasis on meta tags:

A common misconception people have is that they should only concentrate on getting their meta tags right. The truth though is that these tags are not as important anymore and thus will not help your search rankings.

7. Exclusive use of images for headings:

Granted, images tend to be more attractive when people are surfing the web. However, they are not all that conducive when it comes to SEO. Components such as tags as well as menu links are important in SEO.

10 seo mistakes in blogging
10 seo mistakes

8. Not paying attention to URLs:

Although it is an unspoken rule not to have keywords in your URL, not all people have to follow through with this. If you would like to improve your rankings, include your keywords in your URL.

9. Spamming with backlinks:

Another common misconception is that the more the backlinks a website has, the better. Better focus on the quality of backlinks, not the quantity.

10. Content lacking in keywords:

Always highlight the keywords in your content and ensure that they are placed in appropriate places.

Conclusion for seo mistakes

Those are biggest top 10 seo mistakes bloggers do, which must be avoided. Then only they can become a successful blogger.

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