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Tips for Making Your CV More Unique and Attractive

According to recent statistics, it has been established that a recruiter would spend less than eight seconds on a resume before they reject it or pass it to the HR department for processing. 

This means that you have no more than seven seconds to win the interest of a recruiter and secure your job. 

If you want to make a positive first impression, then you have to make your resume look more attractive and unique than the conventional style. 

You need to understand that your resume is not just a piece of paper having your image and details on it; rather, it is a formal document that showcases your skills, experience, and qualifications.

Without a resume, you cannot apply for a job; hence you cannot get a job without it. A resume is a must-have document for anyone who wants to have a job. 

If you don’t have a resume yet or want to update your old one, then don’t worry; just read this post. 

Here we have discussed some essential tips that can help you make a unique and intuitive CV.

Popular Tips That Would Help You Create the Best Resume!

Out of plenty of experts’ suggested tips, we have mentioned the most helpful and practical ones for your knowledge.

  1. Always Start with Information Instead of Visuals

A common mistake that most rookies make is that they waste time finding fascinating resume templates and focus on styling their CVs. 

Well, you should know that styling a document is very easy, but you certainly cannot attract an employer with a stylish resume having no information in its introduction.

You have to start strong with a summary statement. In the summary statement, you have to give an overview of your skills, past experience, and any notable accomplishments. 

This personal statement should not be more than three to four lines. In case you have written more, use the online summarizer tool to reduce it to the ideal length.

  1. Talk About Results & Outcomes Instead of Responsibilities

You would see many people fill a complete section in their resume in which they would highlight their previous job positions and responsibilities. 

Well, the breaking news for you is that your new employer is not interested in what position you worked at; instead, they are interested in the results and outcomes you generated while working at that position.

So you need to use facts and figures which can highlight any outcomes that reflect your value in your previous company. 

A resume having statistics and quantifiable data would always go up for the interview round. If you add generic information, then it is only going to piss off the hiring manager.

  1. Customize the CV for the Job You Are Applying For

A common mistake that most newbies and even experienced people make is that they apply for various jobs with the same resume document. 

Your resume cannot fit every job description, and so you would only be wasting your and HR’s time by doing so. 

You have to tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for. You have to consider the job description and get some information about the company you are applying for the job in. 

You can use this information as a guide to customizing your resume.

You have to add all important information in the resume which is relevant to that job position and company. 

The more relevant your CV is to the job description, the more chances you will have of getting shortlisted for the interview. 

It is best that you create three to five resumes tailored to different job types that are relevant to your education, experience, and skills.

  1. Be Creative but Make Sure You Don’t Plagiarize 

It is okay to be creative, but you must try and set your design and content apart from the traditionally used templates. 

There is a chance that you would like a template generated by an online resume builder tool, but it is best that you don’t use the same exact words/sentences in the template because there would be other applicants using the same stuff. 

Duplicating stuff would make your resume boring for the hiring manager.

It is best that you paraphrase your resume content and go for an unconventional design. The more unique your CV is, the higher the chances of you getting called for an interview. 

cv maker

So always think out of the box while designing and writing your resume. And don’t forget to limit your resume document to one page. Lengthy resume documents can piss off the hiring manager. 

These are the seven most helpful tips that would help you create a unique and unconventional CV!

  1. Make The Most With Relevant Keywords

When you are writing a resume, it is important that you keep keywords in mind. You should know that keywords/phrases play an important role in making your resume a hot piece of cake. 

Many hiring managers and employers today use digital OCR tools to scan resumes for shortlisting. These tools would only select resumes that would have relevant keywords to the job description in them.

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Adjust keywords used in the job description in the resume smartly. Don’t overstuff keywords in every sentence, as it is going to ruin the quality of the document. 

You can find specific terminologies by digging on the company’s website.

  1. Show Off Your Skills Instead of Other Sections

People waste a lot of space on their resume while talking about their education which is not an attractive point in 2023. 

If you had graduated ten years ago, the employer is no longer interested in what you studied; rather, he would be interested in the latest skills you have mastered or any certification you have related to the job you are applying for.

You need to showcase your skills, which can show that you are the perfect candidate for the job. 

It is important that you add all skills that have been mentioned in the requirement section of the job description. 

Other than those specific skills, you can add as many as you want as long as they complement the job type. 

  1. Demonstrate Industry Insights as Your Plus Point

You can easily attract the employer by showing that you are connected with the industry and have insights about the latest updates or trends. 

No one today wants to spend time updating or training you. You have to show that you have authority in the niche you are applying in. 

The best way to do so is by simply providing handles to your social media accounts. On social media, you can post about the latest trends and other updates in the relevant industry. 

Most employers would check your social media profiles, like LinkedIn, before they approach you for an interview.

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