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Social Media Account for Sale on Fameseller. [Things You Should Know]

If you’ve decided to buy an existing account, your next question is most likely “Where can I find social media accounts for sale?” fameseller.com ? Lets discuss

Find social media accounts for sale at fameseller.com

If you want to buy safely consider using a third party company that specialises in the buying and selling of social media accounts. Most of these companies work in a similar way.

These companies are all quite similar. They  work as a middle-man, looking into an account’s numbers, audience engagement followers, likes to guide user through the purchase with as much information as possible.

However, most of these sites offer some level of security and guarantees regarding the transferring of log-in info and payments. Naturally, they charge a bit more than if you were to buy the account directly from the account holder.

This site is quite well known in the market. They describe their process as follows:

Seller lists the account with an buying price, which is verified by the Fameseller team.

Buyer and seller can communicate through a secure messaging system in fameseller.

Buyer makes an offer for the account. If the offer is accepted, the buyer and seller begin the contract.

Fameseller allows seller to securely transfers the account to the buyer and the seller receives the funds.

Fameseller offers 24/7 support over email support.

fameseller social media marketplace fame seller

Why to buy a instagram/youtube account?

You will get pre build targeted audience.
If the accounts have good number of followers and subscribers. It will help you in promoting your products and content.

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You can save lot of resources and money on marketing. Now a days sponsoring social media influencers is expensive. If you have an account you don’t need a social media influencer.

You can make money with affiliate marketing and promotion on that account.

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