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Should You Write Paid Reviews On Your Blog?

From past few days I am getting emails from different companies offering me to write paid reviews on my blog about their products. In my today’s article I am going to tell you why I decline some of the paid review requests and will also tell you the pros and cons of writing paid reviews so that you yourself can determine whether you should write paid reviews on your blog or not. Let start:

Pros of writing paid reviews

Money : As it is a paid review so obviously you are going to earn few bucks from it, so paid reviews are a great source of earning bucks and making money out from your blog.

Traffic : If you’ve written an excellent review keeping in mind the basis of SEO, your article will surely get traffic from search engines.

Increases knowledge : Doing research and exploring the product to review, helps to increase the knowledge about that particular product.

Cons of writing paid reviews

A paid article can be quite dangerous if :

You write a paid review of a product without using it then that review will surely have a negative effect on your readers and your blog too. You will definitely loose trust factor.

Off topic reviews : If you’re writing a review on a product that does not suits the niche of your blog then a paid review can have negative impact of your blog.

Why I do not accept every paid review request

While writing a paid review sometimes we hide the drawbacks of the product or do not write the points that are against it, when I fall in such a situation I do not prefer to write that review. This is the reason I do not accept every paid review request.

Should You Write Paid Reviews On Your Blog?

I want to end my today’s article by saying that only write those reviews in which you can give 100% correct knowledge to your readers, so that incomplete and incorrect information does not goes to your readers.

Now, dear readers, tell me honestly, have you written a paid review of any product on your blog including those points that were against the product.

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