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New BTC ATMs growth drops globally for the first time

A report by Cointelegraph says that the domino effect of a long-lasting bear market reached Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs in September 2022. At that time, the number of Bitcoin ATMs installed on a global net basis went down for the first time in history. Mainly because of a slowdown in the United States. This Home Page is essential if you are a trader because it can assist you in bitcoin trading.

According to data from CoinATMRadar, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs dropped from 38,776 in August to 37,980 in September. Cointelegraph noticed that this dip led to a decrease of -2.05%.  

Even with the setback, data from the last sixty days shows that about 14 cryptocurrency ATMs are installed worldwide daily, with Genesis Coin accounting for 40.3% of all ATMs. General Bytes and BitAccess are also well-known companies that make cryptocurrency ATMs.

Some of the most knowledgeable people in the cryptocurrency industry think that bitcoin will continue to rule the market for all cryptocurrencies. But financial experts worldwide agree that virtual currencies will become useless in the not-too-distant future. There will once again be stock markets and currencies based on fiat systems. 

The benefits of using a Bitcoin ATM, we need to know what it is. You’ve probably used a lot of standard automated teller machines (ATMs), which can be found in every country on the planet. Because of this, not only can you easily take money out of the machine, but you can also easily put money into it. You can also quickly and easily sell your bitcoins using these ATMs. 

Ultimate financial privacy

One of the most appealing things about using bitcoins in the modern world is that it gives you more financial privacy. When you use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you immediately get a significant boost in the level of anonymity that the provider promised. On the other hand, this situation is special. 

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is needed when you use your wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on an exchange. By doing this, the exchange will get your information. Because of this, it is possible to record your personal information and give it to whoever the recorder chooses. No transaction can be done in complete privacy.

On the other hand, bitcoin ATMs have none of these features. You aren’t required to do any kind of Know Your Customer (KYC), but you can use your mobile number without any problems. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, you should learn the basics and the more complicated parts of trading Bitcoin.


You should also use bitcoin ATMs because they provide a very high level of security. Bitcoin ATMs are run and maintained by the owners and operators of local businesses. The transaction can’t be changed when you use an ATM that is physically located between two other ATMs. Only they are involved in the transaction. 

An automated teller machine is the only thing between you and the bitcoin you want to use. Also, if you use a stock exchange to buy or sell things with bitcoins, you put yourself at risk of being hacked or swindled. But since a bitcoin ATM removes the need for third parties to be involved in a transaction, the process is safe and secure.

Fast: Bitcoin transactions happen in a flash at ATMs that support the currency, which is another strong argument in its favor. When you use cryptocurrency exchanges, you can complete a transaction much faster. But signing up for them may be very hard and take a long time because the steps are complicated. 

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Using a Bitcoin ATM, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. You don’t have to sign up to use digital coins for a transaction, but you will need to use the information in your wallet. They can be used easily in any situation. 

So you won’t have to go through a long process to prove your identity or join. A transaction you make with bitcoins can be finished in a few minutes, and you don’t have to go through a time-consuming verification process.

Simple to operate

btc atms

When you use a bitcoin ATM, you get a high level of security, speed, and privacy, and the transactions can be finished in a relatively short amount of time. Anyone who knows how to use a regular ATM can easily use a Bitcoin ATM. There are no complicated trading systems or computer viruses on these automated teller machines. So, you can use them to make transactions involving cryptocurrencies, which is the easiest way to do so.

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