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LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson

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Crossword puzzle is published by the Los Angeles Times. It consists of puzzles drawn on a large grid with black and white squares.

The LA times crosswords are solved by the readers. The time allotted for solving the puzzle is 3 hours. Black squares with black letters indicate the alphabetical order of words within a word list.

So lets get started…

Title: Cinderella, what are you wearing to the ball? (See later inspiration)

Today our constructing phenom, Gary don’t call me Far Side Larson,  presents me with his 6th Friday that I have blogged in 2021 (along with 2 for Moe) to go with his 7 Sundays. We have slang for ‘clothing’ which are the second word in a two-word in the language expression as the theme. I would say this is a whimsical effort overall. I am sure you missed Gary since his most recent LAT was all the way back on Sunday. In keeping with modern Fridays, this has more words and fewer empty spaces but the theme is tight and the amusement factor high. The longish non-themers BETRAYS,  BLAME ME, CALYPSO, CAPSULE, DINGBAT. DOGBANE,  ECOCIDE, ENDRUNS, FASTENS. FLAILED, LABORED, MADISON,  RISES UP  and TEHRANI are quite a diverse field. They are each 7 letters long. So we start:

15A. Outfits for a climber?: HIGH GEAR (8). A climber goes up wearing his climbing gear and his friend cruises in his car in high gear. LINK

18A. His-and-her outfits?: BINARY NUMBERS (13). The binary numbers (0 and 1) are how computers work. Per the Oxford English Dictionary, “number” has been used to mean “an article of clothing.” gender specific clothing is binary. LINK

35A. Outfits for tourist town natives?: LOCAL  RAGS (9). When I was in boarding school the locals were the “townies.” I think of our hometown newspaper as the local rag, but it can also be a worthless piece of cloth, especially one that is torn or worn. rags, ragged or tattered clothing.

56A. Outfits for the masses?: COMMON THREADS (13). Know your threads will not help you here. This is the simplest of the fill.

62A. Outfits for dairy farmers?: MILK DUDS (8). My favorite and the silliest. Duds as clothing comes from Middle English dudde, originally meaning worn-out or ragged clothing. Dairy farmers milk their cows and we all know

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson 1

MILK DUDS Candies were introduced by F. Hoffman & Co. of         Chicago in 1928. The Candiesgot their name because their maker     found it impossible to get the chocolate-covered caramels to form perfectly round balls, so he called them “duds.” He wanted candy     symmetry but failed. Gary did not. This very symmetrical set of five themers has 51 spaces of the 225 in this 15×15 with no reveal. 


1. Follower of Jefferson: MADISON. President number 4 followed number 3.

8. Turn on: START. This works well for machines, but is more complicated with humans.

13. Polluter’s crime: ECOCIDE. I put in ___CIDE  and ruminated for a while. (Cow sub-theme?)

14. Mountaintop home: AERIE. This variant of eyrie is the bird nest of an eagle, falcon, hawk, or other bird of prey.

17. Refuse: TRASH. I refused to be tricked.

21. The first “A” in A.A. Milne: ALAN. Alan Alexander was more than the creator of Winnie the pu pu platter (oops)…anyway, he studied under H.G. Wells and played cricket with J.M. Barrie, A.C. Doyle, and P.G.Wodehouse.

23. Fictional 1847 autobiographer: EYRE. Oh Jane you fictional woman.

24. __ Paulo: SAO. Brazil. 

25. Typographical ornament: DINGBAT. No this is not …

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson 2

but in the computer industry, a Dingbat font is a font that has symbols and shapes in the positions designated for alphabetical or numeric. Wingding is very popular.

29. Evasive tactics: END RUNS. To circumvent from the Football play.

31. Spot: SEE.  I got this right away.

32. Infuriates: IRES. I am irked.

34. Polynesian capital: APIA. Apia, town, port, and capital (since 1959) of Samoa. It is located on the northern coast of Upolu Island, in the South Pacific Ocean. Many famous athletes and actors come from Samoa. 

39. Jessica of “Dark Angel”: ALBA. She played a genetically enhanced government superhuman prototype, Max Guevera who teamed with a journalist, played by Michael Weatherly (NCIS and BULL) in a post-apocalyptic Seattle to right wrongs. Seattle also was the home of iZombie another SciFi series. 

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson 3

42. Long-gone time: YORE.

43. Tiger, e.g.: CAT. Deceptively simple.

46. Belafonte #1 album on which “Day-O” was the first track: CALYPSO. The Banana Boat Song.

50. Turns on: BETRAYS.

52. Corp. alias letters: DBADoing business as.

53. Subway fare?: HERO. Not the price of travel…

55. Sword with a three-sided blade: EPEE.

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson 4

61. They hold your horses: REINS. Literal but amusing.

65. Deejay, at times: EMCEE. DJ MC …

66. Swung wildly: FLAILED. Facing a famed Twins pitcher…


67. Transfers, as a house: DEEDS. My bread and butter.

68. Secures: FASTENS.


1. Not so hot: MEH. The bloggers’ safe word.

2. Handel’s “__, Galatea e Polifemo”: ACI. A most emotional TALE from the mists of myth. I will await comments from all of our musically educated posters.

3. Poisonous plant reputed to repel canines: DOGBANE. It is poisonous to dogs and looks like milkweed to which I am extremely allergic. It  does feel like a CSO to John Lampkin.

4. Chinese book of divination: I-CHING. My late brother David studied these rituals.

5. Register, with “up”: SIGN. Be cause you …

6. Music halls of old: ODEA. If you look up ODEA in the dictionary it tells you “noun:the plural of odeum.” Helpful.

7. Close: NEAR.
8. Ring bearer?: SATURN. A debut for this clue/fill combo. Very clever.

9. Called: TERMED.

10. Many an Omani: ARAB. And 12D. Like many “Argo” militants: TEHRANI. The capital of Iran.

11. Revolts: RISESUP. They have had their share in that part of the world.

16. White alternative: RYE. Just bread but it does rhyme with…

19. Emmy-winning scientist: NYE.

20. ’90s-’00s Cubs star: SOSA. No indication of his being one of many being blackballed by the Hall of Fame voters. This ARTICLE is very long but should be of interest to our dedicated baseball fans.

21. GEICO highlights: ADS. Most of their’s are funny. I see you LIMU!

22. Tell tales, maybe: LIE. Maybe, baby?

26. Book jacket text, often: BIO.

27. Semicircle, say: ARC

28. Leaves for a spot: TEA. A CSO to many at the Corner who enjoy a spot of tea, but not a cup. It is a more confusing IDIOM.

30. Student housing VIPs: RASResident Assistants.

33. Wily: SLY. Sly E Coyote just didn’t work.
35. Set down: LAY. Two versions: I set down the book on the desk. Or, I laid down stricter rules for my…

36. Take badly?: ROB. A now common clue/fill to deceive the audience.

37. “__ you done?”: ARE. No, we have many clues left.

38. Perceive: GET. I perceived Gary’s meaning.

39. Like some appliances: AC/DC.

40. Worked: LABORED.

41. Words of confession: BLAME ME. Meh. That is not a confession.

43. Tablet alternative: CAPSULE. Not computer but pills.

44. Supportive response: AYE. Nay!

45. “The Waste Land” monogram: TSE. The best link I could find for those interested in THOMAS STEARNS ELIOT.

47. Called: PHONED. Someday this to will be gone from the lexicon.

48. It’s sometimes necessary to come to them: SENSES.

49. Food bit: ORT.

51. Website with “Ask Me Anything” interviews: REDDIT. Reddit AMAs (which stands for “Ask Me Anything”)—whether they’re timed around the news cycle or simply focused on a topic of great general interest—are Q&As designed to bring an authority on a subject to a community of interested people.

54. Unit of resistance: OHM.

57. Laptop navigation aids: MICE

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson 5

58. Jazz phrase: RIFF.

59. “Enchanted” movie girl: ELLA. Recently this version

60. Aliases: AKASAlso Known As.

63. Thieves’ place: DEN. A concept from the Christian Bible.

64. Radical ’60s org.: SDSStudents for a Democratic Society. Very active at my college alma mater while I was there 1965-1969.

Gee, I am done and now it is your turn. It has been a hectic time in my life but what good is life without stuff happening. Be well all; thank GL and thank all who read and/or write. Lemonade out.

LA Times Crossword Corner Answers Today Friday, December 17, 2021, Gary Larson 6

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