How To Write An Article For Blogs?


Let’s speak about seductive women! And now, when we caught your eye, it’s time to tell how to write an article for blogs if you wanna make a visitor read them till the end and find some more posts of yours.

Your blog may be a very good method of a website or a company promotion. So, if you wanna get more clients, don’t ignore writing. As we know, people find much information on the Internet today, so, you can’t escape writing some articles if you wanna give them this information.

Moreover, these articles should be not only interesting and useful, but they should be yours – unique and informative.

How to write an article?

What are the factors we have to pay attention then? How to make this article interesting for readers and, what is even more important, how to make people find your article on the Internet? It seems you need some tips or advice here, don’t you?

There are 3 main requirements for a good article. It should be:

  • Unique. It should be your article, written by you and only you. Don’t copy it from other sources, don’t rewrite it, don’t use other author’s ideas. It should be your own thoughts on a problem you discuss. That is why it’s very important to choose a topic for your blog which you understand properly. It will be much easier and more effective to write articles on the topic you clearly understand.
  • Actual. Well, it’s easy. Try to determine whether people need the information you are going to write about. Do they search for such information on the web? Is it really interesting for them? It’s a good idea to use such services as Google AdWords for example to see how many people search for this or that keyword. It will help you understand what to write about.
  • Relevant. If you write about tomatoes, then write about tomatoes, not cucumbers for example. Follow the topic chosen, and use proper keywords.


It should be catchy of course, but don’t forget about relevance here. A person should understand clearly what he will read about when he opens your article. Readers should see the information, not adore your writing style.


For your article to be read with interest, it should be structured. Use paragraphs with 3-4 sentences in each of them, and try to write as simple as you can: people don’t like reading difficult words and long sentences, so use short ones to give information to your readers.

Use bold and italic font to emphasize main points, subtitles, marked and numbered lists to make your article more attractive to readers.

Your article should have:

  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion

And don’t forget to add images or video files where it’s acceptable. It will make your article catchier too!

Keywords and links

Use keywords if you want people find your article faster. Its first paragraph is the best place to put them in: 2-3 will be enough for a search engine to recognize them. It will be perfect to use some keywords in the conclusion of your article. But make sure that these keywords fit your article right and look naturally in the text.

Internal and external links are good for your article SEO too! Don’t hesitate using them: for example, a link in your article can lead to some other posts of your blog. It will make people find more information about you.

How To Write An Article For Blogs?
How To Write An Article For Blogs?

So, how to write articles articles for blogs?

1. Think of a good and catchy title.
2. Think of tags.
3. Write the first and the last paragraphs with keywords.
4. Structure an article.
5. Don’t forget about relevance


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