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How to promote pins on Pinterest to drive traffic for Free

In this article i’ll tell you 10 ways in to promote pins on pinterest to drive traffic to your website. Social media becomes the part of our life now. A person who has access to internet, is connected with at least 1 social media website in any ways.

Some people use social media to find friends and date online while for some people social media is just a fun place to spend quality of time with friends and family where for businesses, social media can play most important role for their promotion because on social media websites, user submit most honest information about them.

Which mean that you can use that data to target your business, products, services or just your website to gain traffic.

When we talk about social media websites, there are dozens of them. Some of them based on niches, features and options.

For example you YouTube is designed for those whole love to create videos and want to show their work to the world, where Twitter is a great place to pass your opinion on social or political matter, just like that, Facebook is a place to submit general stuff which includes pictures, videos and notes etc.

Other than all of these social media website, there is one which has been created only for the promotion of pictures where members can only submit photos.

Yes, I am talking about Pinterest.com where you can find the biggest collection of photos which has been submitted by their members.
Pinterest is not just a place to submit photo which you like but a business or website owner can promote their product and website through Pinterest very easily.

Promote Pins on Pinterest

To do that, you need to create a pin on your pinterest account which means, you have to submit picture directly from your website. It can be done through two different ways:

  1. Use Pinterest pin button on your website to submit photos on Pinterest
  2. Use Pinterest.com to pin a photo manually through main website.

Registering an account on Pinterest, creating boards and submitting pictures on Pinterest, all of these are free of cost. But how to promote pins on Pinterest to drive traffic is the main issue. Until you don’t have followers, your pin will be considered dead because no one is there to receive your pin on their news feed. Then how to promote pins? Following I am sharing some quick tips to promote pins on Pinterest to drive free traffic:

  1. Create an attractive profile on Pinterest account, use display picture and proper description. If possible, add relevant tags, so the people of your interest can search you.
How to promote pins on Pinterest to drive traffic
How to promote pins on Pinterest to drive traffic

2. Add pinterest social button on your website to encourage them to pin or repin images from your website to their Pinterest board.

3. When you pin your images, use proper keywords, description and tags to get your pin listed in the search result. This will help your pin to get explore by other users of Pinterest through search result.

4. Use tags like follow4follow and pin4pin to get free pins for your images and followers to your Pinterest account.

5. Repins and favorite other people pins because it is in human nature that when someone help you to promote their stuff for free, you will help them back.

6. Comment on other people’s pins so they got notification about your profile. 50% of them will surly visit to your profile and explore your pins.

If you are from USA, then you can also purchase pin promotions to promote pins on pinterest in your target member on the bases of members activities.

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