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How To Port SIM Online | Jio Plans | BSNL Plans | Airtel Plans [2021] Best Expert Advice

In this article you’ll know how to port sim online easily and latest best jio plans, bsnl plans and airtel plans currently available in market 2021. We will compare jio vs bsnl vs airtel for you.

History Of Telecom Companies and Current Situation of Telecom Companies.

Earlier Vodafone Idea’s SIM was available for ₹ 10, now this company has come on the verge of selling. Ever wondered why only 3 companies survived in the telecom industry, Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Jio.

Out of that, this Vodafone idea may be discontinued.

What will happen to their subscribers if Vodafone Idea Company is closed?

Let’s go a little bit back when the Government of India was formed, we got independence. Now we had to develop our country so the government has selected telecom industry. Government said to telecom companies, bring investment with you, put towers here and run for free with your service.

The government did not take money for that time for spectrum.

Many companies started coming to India and companies invested millions of crores.



Companies put up towers, erected infrastructure. Started serving people.

In 2002, the government said that till now you were running for free. Now give us the license fee or else we will stop your license.

The people of the company thought that they put so many crores of rupees, they will give few crores to the government and buy the spectrum license.

Government signed a agreement with companies. In that, the companies had to give license and spectrum amount in it.

The government has conditioned that companies have to pay 8% of the total income with spectrum and 4% percent with license.

There was 1 line of stating AGR which was not interpreted by anyone. In 2010, when companies went to pay the government.

So the government said that a line was written in the agreement “of the entire income not just your service”. (AGR) Adjusted Gross Revenue.

This means that whatever revenue your company gets, you have to give percentage of it.

And companies thought that 8 to 10 percent of the telecom services we are offering will have to be given.

Companies went to court lastly. In 2010, the Supreme Court gave the verdict that what the government is saying is right and we cannot create a new rule, you have to pay AGR.

The government said, give all your money to the government by 21 January.

So the companies got audited how much money we have to pay, according to the report that came in the audit.

Airtel has to give 35 thousand crores to vodafone-idea 60 thousand crores because it was two companies.

Vodafone-idea said that we have to give you 60 thousand crores. We have 12 thousand crore rupees in our bank, we have taken loans from one lakh crore banks. How we can give you 60,000 crore rupees?

The government said we cannot help you, you will have to pay.

So Vodafone Idea has said that if the government does not support us, we will shut down the company.

Take These Points In Mind Before Porting The SIM.

How To Port SIM Online | Jio Plans | BSNL Plans | Airtel Plans [2021] Best Expert Advice 1Port idea to jio Port vodafone to jio Port idea to bsnl Port vodafone to bsnl Port airtel to bsnl Port airtel to jio” class=”wp-image-841″/>
How to port online

1. Before porting your number to another telecom company, it is important to know how to port sim and whether that network provides the good services you want.

2. Once you get your number ported. You have to use this for 90 days. And after 90 Days, you can again port same number to different telecom.

3. If you’re having a prepaid number, then porting becomes too easy. But if you’re having a postpaid number then its difficult. Don’t worry I’ll tell you how to port postpaid sim in this article only.

4. Before number porting, the balance of your number has to be used or Zero. Because in different networks, you don’t get any balance.

5. When you try to port the number, you’ll get a call from the same network in which you are given very good offers. If you want, you can stop the porting process of your number by taking a that offer.

6. Many companies take fees for sim porting while most of companies give it for free.

So in this way you can port your number, this process of porting the number is very easy, through this you can port any number of your company like:

Port idea to airtel
Port vodafone to airtel
Port idea to jio
Port vodafone to jio
Port idea to bsnl
Port vodafone to bsnl
Port airtel to bsnl
Port airtel to jio

What is MNP ?

Customers were troubled by the service of one telecom operator, had to buy the sim of another telecom operator’s company. 

But taking a new number every day and then distributing that new number to your friends and relatives is a difficult task. 

That is why TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Ministry of Telecom has launched MNP facility. 

This facility is available on both Prepaid and Postpaid Sim.

Change your number from one telecom operator to another telecom operator without changing your number.

Like vodafone to jio port, idea to Jio port, vodafone to bsnl port, idea to bsnl port, airtel to jio port, airtel to bsnl port, idea to airtel port, vodafone to airtel port etc. as per your choice.

The best thing in this is that your number will remain the same but the company will change.

MNP Full Form

Although many people do not know the whole process about the porting of the mobile and do not know its full name, many people only know that they want to get their number ported.

But we tell you which whole processing we call MNP, which has full form Mobile Number Portability.

What is NMNP?

NMNP: When you are changing your number from one state to another. So it is called NMNP.

Like suppose if you transfer to Delhi. And in delhi, you want to transfer your idea number to Jio. So is it possible, yes it is possible.

You can transfer your up-idea idea to Jio in delhi only. This process is called NMNP. Because the state is changing here. Such as Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to W.B. These are examples of National MNP.

Advantages of Porting SIM

  • By porting the SIM, the new SIM company will give you good facilities and you will not find any problem that was coming from the old SIM company.
  • With the service of getting SIM port, you can also get good offers from the company, like if you send the message from your old SIM to the old SIM, then the old SIM company will give you good offers to keep you in your company, You can also get good and cheap offers.
  • By providing a SIM port, you also get a new SIM. If your old SIM is going to break or has become completely damaged, then you can get a new SIM with the help of just one message.

Disadvantages of Porting SIM

  • By providing SIM port, whatever balance or internet data is there in your old SIM, you will not get all the new SIM, then in a way your balance or internet data will be spoiled.
  • If you accidentally got your SIM ported in a company, you will be stuck for 3 months and you will not be able to port your number before 3 months.

Why we need to port sim?

Now-a-days everyone has their own mobile and every mobile has at least 2 sim mobile, that’s why every person uses 2 sim only.

There are many telecom companies that provide services to you. And every company has different 2 benefits and every company gives you 2 different plans, which recharge according to the requirement.

When is mobile number port or sim number port required?

Many times we get upset with our mobile operator. Such as their weak network, there may be more problems like expensive plans. We have compared jio vs bsnl vs airtel plans below.

So then we feel that the service of another mobile operator should be used. So in such a situation we can do this without changing our number.

Documents Required For SIM Portability

[su_list indent=”-14″]

  • Identify Proof
  • Address Proof
  • 2 passport size Photograph
  • Unique Porting Code (UPC)
  • Last month fully paid bill (postpaid user)
[/su_list]Also read CbmateShallwediscuss

What are the new rules of Mobile Number Portability ?

Now after the new rules, users can now port their old new number to the new telecom operator in 2-3 days.

That is, where earlier it used to take 96 hours to port a number, now after the new rules are implemented, users can port the number in just 48 hours.

Now according to the new rules of TRAI, customers applying for MNP will now get Unique Porting Code (UPC).

If you have a postpaid mobile connection, then you have to pay your outstanding bills to the subscriber before porting the number.

The same user will be able to port the postpaid number which is connected with the service of the existing operator for at least 90 days.

According to the rule issued by TRAI, the user has to fulfill all the terms and conditions fixed by the operator before leaving the service. The mobile network operator will tell the customer all the terms and conditions while making the connection.

How to port sim new rules 2020

What are the charges/fees for Porting Sim Number ?

The fee for each porting request is fixed at Rs 6.46. According to TRAI, there will be a disruption of around 4 hours of service during the porting date night time.

2020 TOP Telecom Companies in India




Vodafone Idea

Jio Plans vs BSNL Plans vs Airtel Plans. Latest Updated Recharge Plans Comparison Chart 2020 [ Jio vs Bsnl vs Airtel ]

BSNLJIOAIRTELVodafone IdeaBSNL CallingJio/Airtel/Voda-Idea CallingDATA (BSNL)DATA (Jio/Airtel/Voda-Idea)Validity in Days (BSNL)Validity in Days
153199248249250 min/day1000 mins/ month (36 mins/day)1.5 GB/ DAY1.5 GB/ DAY2828
171249298299250 min/day1000 mins/ month (36 mins/day)2 GB/DAY2 GB/DAY3028
328*329250 min/day3000 mins for 3 months (36 mins/ day)6 GB6 GB8484
429555598599250 min/day3000 mins for 3 months (36 mins/ day)1 GB/DAY1.5 GB/DAY8184
485599698699250 min/day3000 mins for 3 months (36 mins/ day)1.5 GB/ DAY + 1GB/ DAY2 GB/ DAY9084
1312*129914981499250 min/day12000 mins for 1 year (33 mins/day)12 GB24 GB365365
1699219923982399250 min/day12000 mins for 1 year (33 mins/day)2 GB/ DAY + 1 GB/ DAY1.5 GB/ DAY365365

Note: 328* and 1312* plans only for selected region.

If you are looking for:

How to port sim
How to port idea to bsnl
How to port vodafone to bsnl
How to port idea to jio
How to port vodafone to jio
How to port airtel to bsnl
How to port airtel to jio
So here’s the process

SIM Port Process [Step by Step guide how to port sim online]

How To Port SIM | Jio Plans | BSNL Plans | Airtel Plans [2020]
How to port sim – techmebro

1. First you have to send a message.  For that, Open message box in your phone and write a new message.

How To Port SIM  Jio Plans  BSNL Plans  Airtel Plans 2020 techmebro
Step 1: open message box [how to port sim]
How To Port SIM  Jio Plans  BSNL Plans  Airtel Plans 2020 techmebro
Step 2: Create a new message [How to port SIM]

2. After creating a new message, you should type PORT <space> mobile number in the capital letter.  And send it to 1900.  For example, if your mobile number is 87935632XX, then you have to type PORT 87935632XX and send it to 1900.

How To Port SIM  Jio Plans  BSNL Plans  Airtel Plans 2020 techmebro
Step 3: Type Message and Send to 1900 [How To Port Sim]

3. When you sent a message a reply will come from 1901 in that you’ll get UPC code.  The validity of which is 4 days. That is, you can port the number anytime for 4 days, in which you need the UPC code.

How To Port SIM  Jio Plans  BSNL Plans  Airtel Plans 2020 techmebro
Step 4: You will get UPC Code like this. [How to port sim]

4. Now you have to go to in any telecom company or local shop like airtel, jio, idea etc, take your required documents like aadhar card, photo, UPC code etc.

5. Now you will be given a new sim card. Which is of same number. And a message will come on your number, which says that the number port will take 3 days.

6. It takes only 2-3 days to get number ported and your number becomes ported.  After that your previous sim card stops working.  Then you have to insert the new sim card you got. 

7. If you are a postpaid user and want to port to prepaid then you have to clear all your due amounts and also take a last month bill report. You have to pay extra 150rs as fee.

How to port sim video

How To Cancel SIM Porting Request ?

You can cancel your porting request within 1 day. Just send an message CANCEL & send it to 1900.

Can I migrate from one state to another via MNP?

Yes you can.

What are the minimum and maximum time to port numbers from one operator to another?

Porting time can be anything between 24 hours to 3 days. Because it takes a few days.

What are the charges for porting the mobile number?

So, as mentioned above, service providers can charge up to Rs 6.46 for porting a number.

Who is eligible to avail mobile number portability?

Mobile numbers with a duration greater than 90 days can be ported. But once the sim number is ported, you will have to wait for 90 days to port the number again.

Will my number become dead (inactive) during sim number port?

According to the available details, the mobile number may remain dead for about 2 hours during the porting process. This 2 hour downtime will be between 10 am and 5 pm.

Can I transfer my postpaid number to another operator?

Yes, once you clear all the dues with the current operator. Can then be done.

Will my mobile balance be transferred to the new operator?

No, the remaining balance on your mobile will expire, and will not transfer to the new operator. So, you are advised to fully use the available talk time before moving to another operator.

Can I port CDMA to GSM?

Yes, it is possible, you can port your CDMA mobile number to GSM operator. But if you go from CDMA to GSM, then your existing CDMA mobile will become useless.

Can I switch my landline number to a mobile number?

Porting landline numbers to mobile numbers is possible in countries like the US. But this is not yet possible in countries like India.

How to port postpaid sim ?

Please read the process above how to port sim step by step guide is provided. Also clear your all dues and get a last billed copy with you to centre or shop.

Which plan is better for me ?

It depends person to person and signal in your area etc. however bsnl plans has cheapest then jio plans and airtel plans. Look the comparison jio vs bsnl vs airtel and decide.

Conclusion of How to Port SIM Card:

As we have cover each and every aspect of this topic from history of telecom to current situation. Compared jio vs bsnl vs airtel plans. Steps to port sim to any operator, documents, fees for porting sim.

If you have any question please write in comments I’ll definitely answer it.

how to port sim
How to port sim – techmebro

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