I told you about some SEO tips in my previous article and also wrote a detailed tutorial of WordPress SEO, in my today’s article I am going to tell you how to optimize a blog post for SEO. While writing an article always keep one thing in mind that it should appear on the first page on Google if user types a particular keyword. To make this thing possible, I am writing this article. Lets start :

Analyze keywords for your post

Before start writing your post, give few minutes on thinking “what people will be searching for ?”. Suppose I wrote a tutorial on “WordPress SEO”, now, I want that my WordPress SEO tutorial should appear on the first page of Google when users searches for “WordPress SEO Tutorial”.

Now while writing the post I’ll use this keyword as many times as possible. This will help search engines identifying what my content is all about. So, while writing a post, first analyze few keywords and then work on it.


The title of your post matters a lot, search engines pays special attention to the titles. The most important thing is, always include the keyword (that you analyzed in the first step) should be in the title. Eg. I gave you an example above and my keyword was “WordPress SEO”, now I can write title as WordPress SEO Tips, WordPress SEO Tutorial etc, but the bottom line is, always use that keyword in your post title that you think people will search for.

Heading Tags

If possible, always use heading tags in your post, and most important thing is, always use that same keyword in heading tag also. Search engines pays attention to heading tags also.


Your 160 characters of introduction plays a major part in search engines as most of the search engines analyze post content from the description.

Your post description should be to the point and should also include the keywords that we analyzed in the first step.

Your post description should also include a link to a similar article written in the past and use proper keyword for anchor tag.