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5 Awesome Tips How To Increase Website Traffic

5 Awesome Tips How To Increase Website Traffic. You probably have good content on your blog, but it becomes so difficult to promote that you decide to quit blogging?

This should not be an option for you. If you see your fellow bloggers quitting simply because they get so few conversions from their posts and their site ranks so low on the Google SERP, I personally think that is enough reason for you to continue to make more efforts. have to keep.

If you see increasing page views from 5 to 7, this should be a beacon to tell you that if you write more quality posts, you may get many results from what you initially received.

Today, I will show you how to drive massive traffic to your blog for free. You do not need to pay a penny. Just stick to your screen and make sure you apply this blue print after reading them

5 Awesome Tips How To Increase Your Website Traffic

5 Awesome Tips How To Increase Website Traffic
How To Increase Website Traffic

1. Social Media Involvement

Fine. So when I tell my fellow bloggers about the presence of social media they are always “like Christians, this line is over”. Fine! It is over but so many people do not implement this channel to increase their site statistics. You need to awaken and see the power of a skilled social media presence.

Try as much as you can to target your followers. You and your followers should eat rock in a particular place and not a diverse place. Many social media sites are used and can have a very powerful effect in increasing the organic visitors to your website. Social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit.

One thing you should know is that you have to spend money to see encouraging results. By this, I mean that you should run targeted ads that point to your blog or a particular post that I’m sure will convert.

This is one of the basic foundations that occurs before your blog is recognized on Google’s SERP. Links In particular “do follow” links are so efficient that they will boost the SEO of your site sooner than before. “No Follow” Link Even blog science cannot overemphasize the impact of backlinks. Create a backlink to your site. But be sure of quality backlinks.

Remember that some quality backlinks are better than backlinks of poor quality.

3. Article substation for diaries.

Yes! Create good and compelling articles, publish them as e-books in PDF format and provide them for free on article directories such as Slideshow.com, e-intineets.com, E.E.T.C.
These e-books with QUALITY content should contain links that tell your blog where users will find your content. This step is very effective and is not known to fail.

I must admit that this method may sound very stressful but there is an easy way to go about it.

You can visit your favorite freelancer site, and higher freelancers who will submit your e-book to different article directories. You can get it for a minimum of $ 5 which is also cost-effective.

4. Guest Posting

You can only get it by guest posting! Look for famous bloggers around your niche and offer to write a good article for them on their blog. If you can’t write, you can also hire a freelancer to do it for you. When completing and submitting your article, people are advised to visit the page and this is a huge traffic leap for your blog!

5. On page SEO

When you connect your old blog posts to new articles you have written, it is called page SEO. This is more than an internal link that points within the post directories of your blog.

Keep in mind that on page SEO, your site is not just limited to internal links, but also accountability. You should ask yourself if your site is compatible with phones, tablets and PCs.

The load speed of your site is also very important. You must have seen some blogs that take a long time to load. This can be very annoying for the user who may end up closing the page.

All plugins and themes posted on the site should also be tested for their functionality.

Conslusion: 5 Awesome Tips How To Increase Website Traffic

Try these tips and testify how much rank your site will take. You need to understand that site SEO and traffic is very difficult due to competitions. In the early 2000s this traffic generation was so easy that a newly set up site got so much traffic in a very short time because the web lacked competition. But now, it is a game of survival of the fittest and you must survive.

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