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How to Increase Twitter Followers

Do you own a Twitter account and would like to know how to increase twitter followers? There are people who would like to hear what you want to say, or shall we say what you tweet about, but just can’t find you in the network. What you need are fool proof ways to make you be heard. Here are some of them:

Best ways for how to increase twitter followers:

  • Manage your Twitter account diligently; keep a schedule on when to update your account in a day. Keep track of friend requests and send out popular tweets daily.
  • Use a unique technique to find friends on Twitter; Twellow can find friends and followers that meet your target audience or profile.
  • Take advantage of any situation to advertise your Twitter account. If you are in a business venture, include your twitter account in your fliers, your company website and even when you just chat or do email.
  • Your friends, family and customers would be glad to tweet you if they have the opportunity.
  • There are applications you can take advantage of to manage your Twitter account. Look these up online: SocialOomph or HootSuite will do wonders to your tweet traffic.
  • Social networking management applications use a feature called auto-DM to efficiently manage your messages or tweets. Keep all your messages sweet and simple; never include links that can make your messages look like spam.
  • It is always exciting to tweet something random each day so if possible, forgot the pre scheduled tweets and start doing it naturally.
  • Never take away the human touch when it comes to your tweets. Some Twitter accounts would appear as if they were made by robots, unrealistic and cold. It is best to interact with your followers. Start a topic to discuss and encourage others to join in the discussion.
  • Make friends with your followers; let them know that you recognize their ideas and comments so they can update you with their own tweets as well.
  • Make interesting updates instead of nonsense stuff. Making your followers informed can make them come back day after day. They will likely retweet you in the process thus increasing your followers twofold!
  • Look for interesting Twitters to follow. By letting other people know that you follow their interest they can basically start a conversation and tweet you also. Look for the Twitter tool that allows you to find other people who are interested in the same topics as you.
  • There is a rush hour in tweeting. Experts agree that within 10:00 AM to 4:00 are the hours when people are most likely at work and doing something with their computer. Night time is also a great time to tweet since most people send out what they felt and did throughout the entire day. Take advantage of these hours so you can gain more requests and followers.
How to Increase Twitter Followers
How to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter has really made social media more colorful, it is likely that it will have more tweets to come in the future.

Conclusion: How Increase Twitter Followers

In this way you have learnt how increase twitter followers. Just follow these steps and you will definitely get results in increase twitter followers

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