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Effective Ways To Build Twitter Strategy For Business & Brands

In this article you we’ll provide you the best twitter strategy for business and brands. So you get the maximum benifit of marketing through twitter.

Twitter is a very large social network which is being used by over 130+ million people. This is a wonder why it is so difficult to ignore the site. I have being questioned by so many people as to why there is no main twitter strategy for tweeting effectively.

But, to prove them wrong, I have decided to write this article because I believe that everything in life has a strategy to abide by and such is the only way to make and do it right.

Without these, giving out the content of your blog will be difficult because your visitors will not like the idea of you heaping content on them. That is not engaging at all.

To make it engaging, you must be sure to use these twitter strategy that will be listed and explained to you shortly.

Twitter strategy for business are as follows.

1. Tweeting by subject: this is a way of being engaging. Most publishers enjoy a certain percentage of engagement on a particular day, which is Saturday because they presume that this is the only time customers will have time to go through tweets and review the news of that week.

To be honest with you, that idea is wrong because just a small percent of tweeting from publishers take place on Saturdays. Weekend tweets are mostly fashion related and this can get a high percentage than the others.

Do you really understand it? Let me explain further. Most publishers enjoy about 25% engagement with tweeters on Saturdays and the weekend brings about 30% engagement for fashion brands; but, only 12% of them are published at that particular period of time.

2. Using mixed forms: humm, speaking of mixed forms, I am talking of using two social networks that go hand in hand. Most visitors, or should I say, customers use diverse social networks that serve different purposes at different points in time.

Using Buddy Media as an example, it uses both Twitter and Facebook for the communication of brands with each other at different times. The next tip is something that most publishers and visitors are used to and I am sure it makes sense.

3. Retweet: Tweets that are retweeted and linked get higher retweets that any unlinked tweet. If you don’t believe me, try it and see the truth in it; but to make it easy for you, you must be sure to include links that are of value in them.

4. Hashtags: what are hashtags, exactly? They are words or phrases that begin with a hash (#) and used within the message to identify keywords and also facilitate its search.

There are other steps to build twitter strategies and they must be understood to get a perfect result.

Twitter strategy for brands

1. You must first of all describe the number of audience you want to target on twitter. For those who are not active, it is best you become one by performing researching.

So, once the homework is done, plus the handling of targeted users, you’ll then be able to develop a persona that will represent your customers and the time spent on social sites. Good, right?

Before a goal can be scored, you must know what it is first before thinking of scoring it.

2. The next thing you must understand is the vitals that aid in the success of Twitter. Most times, experimenting with twitter account works more because it is the easiest way to know what will get more followers and what I have observed that matters most is who you are connected with and this will determine the amount of tweets, spread of links, and also gaining of traffic.

3. Do you know where and when this fits in when it comes to online marketing? You know, I can read minds. Why I say this is because this is the question that is lingering in your minds now and I am sure more are to come.

Anyway, in response to this, tweeter is a social networking tool which connects customers with diverse marketing partners. Knowing where it fits in will make it easier for you to monitor your online resources and also your marketing partners. Focusing on just being popular will make it difficult to reach your goals, or even plan them.

Effective Ways To Build Twitter Strategy For Business & Brands
Effective Ways To Build Twitter Strategies For Business & Brands

There are twitter tactics that are good to be used regardless of everything and some of them are;

  • Having a target to achieve in mind. This can be done by researching users and also following them.
  • Another thing is to make the account created linked to something that is social such as Youtube, Facebook, and to mention a few.
  • The next thing is making an effort to link to high quality resources every day.
  • You can also schedule a Twitter event monthly and make it a part of you.
  • Find a way to answer the questions thrown to you by your followers.
  • Create a list of segment of the audience targeted.

4. Monitor your basis.

Wow! I am sure with these you will be able to understand that twitter strategy for brands is good for your business when they are done the right way.

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