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10 Things You Should Do After You Publish A New Blog Post

Today, I wanted to make another list to show you everything you should do after you publish a new blog post. Even though you have finished writing the article, you cannot stop there. I recently shared with you the tasks that you should do before you publish a blog post.

You want to make sure that you take the time to properly promote the post so that your target audience we see it. Having a promotion strategy is just as important as taking the time to write an awesome post.

I like to have a detailed promotion strategy and checklist for all of my articles. As you have probably noticed I love making lists. Having a sheet with tasks that I can check off help me to stay accountable.

Now that you know what to do before you publish a blog post, here is what I do after it is live on my blog.

After You Publish A New Blog Post:


I know this seems so simple, but it is often times overlooked. There are so many old posts that I go back and read and cringe because of errors that I find. Take a few minutes to re-read it.

Take the time to click on any links within the post. Are they working?

Pin It

Pinterest is one of my largest sources of traffic so it is one of the first things I work on whenever I complete a new post. I have the Pin It Button plugin on my blogs so that any image can easily be pinned, but you want to make sure you have some kind of social sharing buttons to encourage your audience to pin directly from your site.

Since you have already taken the time to create a pin-worthy image and have put in the correct information with the alt-text and description you are ready to pin it.

Depending on your pinterest strategy you can pin it to your personal boards or even group boards. I like to pin all of my newest content to a board that was specifically created for my blog posts. This could be your “best of” board or have you blog name as the title.

Share & Schedule

Depending on your social media strategy you want to share this new post anywhere you can. This will help spread the word and get people to read your new article. Think of every place you can either share it or schedule it to be shared: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, etc. Social media moves so quickly so you can plan to share this post and schedule it several different times.

I always like to monitor my posts to see what does and does not do well on different social media outlets. For example, if I have pinned it to several group boards and the pin does not do well, I will make a new one and monitor how it does. I also like to have the correct image sizes for Facebook to help encourage people to share it.

Answer Comments

You always want to keep the conversation going so be sure to keep up on any comments left on your blog. It may be hard to answer every single question left on your blog but make a conscious effort to respond back to as many as you can. Not only does this help you to build a readership but it will encourage more people to engage with your blog. People want to give their opinion or advice and are more likely to come back to your blog when it can become a discussion instead of just being one-sided.

Make a list of your old content posts that are relevant to this new article. You can then go back and link to your new post. Interlinking can help people to stay on your blog longer.


Whether you have a daily newsletter or a weekly newsletter you want to consider adding this new content into your email so that your readers can see it. Often times I will write an entire newsletter surrounding one new post. It offers more insight into the topic and directs my audience to the post.

I will also email fellow bloggers or people who I mention within the post in case they want share it. This will help the post gain more traction.


I just told you about keeping up on your own comments, but you can also find similar posts on other blogs to leave a comment on. Whether you have a differing opinion or offer a new perspective you can leave a comment and talk about your post and link to it.

Check stats

I like to go back and check the stats of my posts to see what worked will with my audience. I look at the amount of time they spent and the number of pageviews. If it did well then I will plan new content on the same topic.

I love analyzing my stats. It really helps to guide me when it comes to planning my editorial calendar. Plus, it can help you to increase your traffic to your blog.


If the post was popular on your blog and you got good engagement then plan to re-share it or continue to schedule it the next month. This is a great way to keep consistent traffic to that post. This can be done on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for people to find your post, be proactive and complete a few steps after you hit publish to ensure your awesome article gets what it deserves.

Things You Should Do After You Publish A New Blog Post
Things You Should Do After You Publish A New Blog Post


In this article i have given you all the important things you should do >after you publish a new blog post. So now you know and have all the checklist of what to do before and after you publish a new blog post.

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