Easy Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste. Food is our basic need.  Therefore, our effort should be to take as much food as we want to eat.  So that food is not wasted.  So here we are telling some ways by which you can save your food from getting wasted.

1. Take only as much as you need

Home or Hotel – Take the food in the plate only as much you need.  Do not waste food by taking it out in a plate.

2. Give less to the guest first

Similarly, do not serve too much food in the guest plate at once.  Keep them aside in another bowl.  Later, if needed, they can take more.

3. Order wisely

Do not order multiple dishes at the same time while ordering food in the hotel.  Order only what you like.  Similarly, if you go with family and friends, then order less dish in the beginning so that the food is not wasted.

4. Do not throw away leftover food

Many people do not eat the leftover food of the night and throw it in the dustbin the next day.  Food is no longer edible to anyone by throwing it in dustbin. 

Therefore, instead of wasting leftover food, use it to make other dishes or give it to someone to eat. 

For example, if the chicken is left over after drinking the soup, do not throw it, you can use it in another dish or the remaining onion-tomato in the salad can be used again.

5. Use food before it expires

All foods have a shelf life.  They deteriorate after shelf life is over.  The nutrients present in them are destroyed and eating them can also make them sick.  In the end, the expired food has to be thrown away. 

To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to check the shelf life and expiry date of each food, so that food can be saved from waste.

6. Shop for items in need

During grocery shopping, buy only those items that you need.  Even by doing this, food can be prevented from being wasted.

9 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste

7. Store food in airtight container

Shelf life can be increased by properly storing biscuits, snacks, pickles and fruits.  Keeping foods in air tight containers does not allow bacteria and germs to enter them, due to which foods are safe for a long time. 

Therefore, food items can be saved from being wasted by placing them in air tight containers.

8. Store food correctly

A label is printed on each food packet, which states what is the best way to store that food.  For example- If you want to store the thing in the refrigerator, then follow the instructions and orders written on its packet to protect it from waste and spoilage.

9. Put in deep freezer

If a food is about to expire, keep it in deep fizz to keep it from getting spoiled.  Many people do not know that the shelf life of food can be increased by one month by keeping it in deep fizz.