Today I am sharing 70 tips that I’ve learn’t from my Blogging experience to get traffic to your blog. I wont be writing a long article today but instead my points will be to the point. I’ll try to cover each and every point discussed below in detail in my future posts. If you want you can subscribe to my feeds. Lets start :

  1. Use right blogging tools (ahref, semrush, moz)
  2. For traffic you need content, so write at least 1 article per day or atleast 5-6 article a week
  3. Submit your blog to search engines
  4. Submit your blog to pings
  5. Write original content
  6. Give a good post title and keywords (How to Write A Blog Post : Some tips)
  7. Create a network with other bloggers
  8. Comment on relevent blogs
  9. Reply to comments (if needed)
  10. If possible, be the first one to write a comment
  11. Join forums and put your site’s link as signature
  12. Learn basis of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  13. Do both offsite and onsite SEO of your blog
  14. User social networking websites (Twitter, facebook etc..)
  15. Interlink your posts
  16. Try to interlink your posts to other blogs also (remember, the topic should be same)
  17. Write guest posts
  18. User proper blogging tools
  19. Have a neat blog design/theme
  20. Try getting as much backlinks as you can
  21. Solve problems of other bloggers
  22. Build a brand
  23. Tag your images
  24. Install Google Analytics and keep an eye on your stats
  25. Try to write “Top 10″ list article and promote them through Digg dot com
  26. Write pillar posts
  27. Establish relations with other bloggers and your commentators
  28. Use Yahoo Answers
  29. Join Google Groups
  30. Do not sign up on link trains
  31. Follow search engine guidelines
  32. Start contests on your blog
  33. Link exchange with other bloggers
  34. Use Feedburner and enable Email Subscription
  35. Place social networking icons in your blog
  36. Create videos of tutorials and upload it on YouTube (do not forget to add watermark on your videos)
  37. Take interviews of big bloggers
  38. Write e-books and promote them via DigitalPoint and through your own blog
  39. Use good permalink URL structure for your blog
  40. If your blog is young, do not place any kind of ads on it
  41. Install forums on your blog
  42. Start polls on your blog
  43. Learn web designing, and design some WordPress or Blogger templates (you will huge backlinks and a good traffic)
  44. Use Facebook
  45. Share your secrets ( to get traffic always share your secrets)
  46. Join Blog Camps
  47. Write as much “How To” articles as you can (how to articles get huge traffic from search engines)
  48. Write “series posts” like HTML training series, SEO training series etc.
  49. Try to get at least 3 Google Page Rank
  50. Create a contact page
  51. Show yourself as an expert
  52. Research before writing
  53. List your best articles in the sidebar
  54. Create monthly roundups
  55. Create weekly roundups (if you write 15-20 articles in a week)
  56. Create controversies
  57. Always write about latest news with proper post title and proper use of meta tags (you will surely get traffic from search engines)
  58. Use Flickr
  59. Write your best content on weekends
  60. Always give credit of your source
  61. Be deep not broad
  62. Try writing on few topics (do not have a huge list of categories in your blog)
  63. Visit, to be visited (means : read other blogs)
  64. Have a good blog typography
  65. Respect your visitors : They are your guests
  66. Put your blog link in social networking websites
  67. Create list of mails, and mail them your best articles each week
  68. Gain Google trust
  69. Buy hosting from good company like A2 hosting
  70. Learn more about your blog niche