If you want to weight loss and stay fit it is important to follow a healthy diet. Therefore, we are telling here that such fat burning juice will help you in reducing weight.

1. Carrot Juice: Carrot juice is very beneficial in weight loss. It is very low in calories and very high in fiber. When hungry, drink 1 glass of carrot juice instead of eating fried snacks. After drinking it, it remains full for a long time. Drinking carrot juice causes fat burning. If you want, you can also make a detox drink by adding half apple, orange or 1 piece of ginger.

2. Bitter gourd juice: Bitter gourd juice is very bitter to drink, but is very beneficial in weight loss. Liver works well by drinking regularly. 100 grams bitter gourd contains only 17 calories, so it is also called low calorie food.

3. Emblic juice: Start your day with emblic juice during weight loss. Drinking emblic juice makes the digestive system work smoothly and accelerates metabolism. If you want to lose weight immediately, then you can also add honey as natural sugar.

4. Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice is not only beneficial for the skin, but also helps in reducing weight. Pomegranate contains antioxidants that burn fat and boost metabolism.

5. Cabbage juice: Eliminates many stomach related diseases and keeps the digestive system right. It is also beneficial in weight loss.

6. Watermelon juice: 100 grams of watermelon has only 30 calories. It contains antioxidants that burn fat.

7. Pineapple Juice: Pineapple juice reduces belly fat. It contains such enzymes, then accelerates the metabolism of proteins and burns fat.

7 Fat Burning Juices For Weight Loss

+1 Bonus Juice For Weight Loss

8. Gourd juice: If you want to drink no fat and low calorie juice, then gourd juice is the best option. Along with weight loss, it also keeps the body cool. Peach is such a combination of vitamins and minerals that you can include in your diet in various ways. Peach can also be mixed with fruit-salad, juice, smoothie and shake.