How to increase subscribers to your blog? Today I am going to give you four tasks with which the graph of your number of subscribers will surely go up. I’ve also 2 bonus tips for you to increase the number of subscribers to your blog. Lets start:

Step 1 : Create an attractive dedicated subscription page

The first task that you’ve to do is, create a new page on WordPress with the title “Subscribe”.

Now, create an attractive page that includes the link to your blog feed and subscription box also. For attractive subscription box designs, check out this article.

Congrats! Your first task is completed, lets move on to the second task.

Step 2: Explain your readers “What is RSS”

Many Internet users, does not even know what is RSS and what are the benefits of RSS. So to tell your visitors, here is your second task.

Create a new page on your blog with the title “What is RSS Subscription”. Now, in this page write a brief introduction about RSS so that the new visitors can know about basically RSS is.

I recommend you to embed this video in your post. This video explains about RSS in real simple words.

At the end of the article give the link to “Subscribe” page created in the first step.

After you are finished writing the post, publish it on your blog and move on to the third task.

Step 3 : Tell your readers about benefits of subscribing to your blog

Now, create another page in your blog titled “Benefits of subscribing to my blog” or any similar title.

In this page, tell your readers what will they get when they will subscribe to your blog. Below is an example I usually use at the end of my post.

  • Get free Blogging Tips direct into your mailbox
  • Subscribe to this blog and get free articles on Blogging series

In this way your readers will get to know the advantages of signing up to your blog.

Again, at the end of the article give the link to “Subscribe” page created in the first step.

Step 4 : Place all the links in the sidebar at the top

After you’re done with these three tasks, give the links of these three pages in the sidebar so that every new visitor to your blog can see and read these three links. Also read the bonus tips below.

Bonus Tips

If you want, you can also place a subscription box below each post. For a unique looking design you can refer this post of mine.

The result

Now, if any new visitor will come to your blog he/she will surely click on “benefits of subscribing” link and if you’ve given a good list of benefits your new visitor can definitely going to turn into lifetime subscriber.