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26 Tips To Make Your Blog Design Better

In my last article I told you about 70 tips to get traffic to your blog, so here is another “70 list” tips that will help you to make your blog design better. The points will be not be that elaborated but I’ll cover all the points in detail in my future articles. Lets start :

  1. Choose white colored background template
  2. Place search box at the top in navigation bar
  3. Have a good blog typography (I recommend Verdana fonts)
  4. Have an attractive logo/banner
  5. Always use different color or hyperlinks
  6. Template should be two or three column
  7. Before applying the template make sure you cross check it in different browsers
  8. You must display post author, category, tags and date before or after the post
  9. Use percent instead of pixels
  10. Use a good color scheme (you can take help from ColorCombos)
  11. Compress CSS code, use CSS Compress plugin to compress CSS code
  12. Always have three or four column footer
  13. Use paging
  14. Use small size graphics
  15. Avoid using Flash
  16. Do not add music
  17. Do not add unnecessary badges
  18. Avoid marquee tag (looks very unprofessional)
  19. Avoid blink tag (again looks very unprofessional)
  20. Avoid adding Google ads inside content (it will irritate readers)
  21. Do not overuse Bold tag
  22. Avoid Gif images (it takes a lot of time too load)
  23. Keep categories list as short as possible
  24. Have small blog-roll list
  25. Separate comments and track-backs
  26. Make your blog logo clickable