While working in the kitchen, many women are not aware of small things. Due to which many things are damaged. Here we are sharing some useful kitchen tips which will be very useful in everyday life.

1. After cutting the onion, the onion smells in the hands. To remove this foul smell, rub baking soda on your hands. Then wash with clean water. The onion smell will go away.

2. Most women make garlic-ginger paste and keep it in the fridge, but it deteriorates quickly. So, to store it for a longer period, peel and wash garlic-ginger and wipe it with a clean cloth, so that there is no water in them at all. Spread garlic-ginger on a cotton cloth and spread it under the fan for 4-5 hours. Then grind it without adding water to the mixer. Fill it in the jar and keep it in the fridge. Garlic-ginger paste will not deteriorate.

3. To clean the stains on the plastic chopping board, mix half a lemon juice in 2 tsp baking soda and rub it well on the board. Let the chopping board remain like this for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards rub the board with lemon peel and clean it. The chopping board will shine.

4. Similarly, use salt to clean the food stains on the wooden chopping board. Add half a lemon juice to 1 tsp salt. Apply this paste on the lemon skin and rub the wooden chopping board. Then wash with water. The wooden chopping board will glow as before.

13 Useful Kitchen Tips and Tricks

5. To keep the ground spices safe, keep them in a glass jar.

6. To keep the grounded spices from spoiling, mix 1-2 tsp of salt in them. By doing this, spices do not spoil quickly and do not cause fungal and webs in them.

7. While using salt spices, keep in mind that while adding spices to the vegetable, keep the salt content low.

8. An easy way to keep ground spices safe is that you can put them on the door side of the freezer.

9. Wrap the wallpaper on the top of the bananas to prevent them from deteriorating quickly. Bananas will not ripen or deteriorate quickly.

10. Insects are very quick in rice flour. Therefore, to save him from insects, put some neem (Indian lilac) leaves in it. There will be no insects and the dough will be safe for a long time.

11. To store the peeled garlic for a long time, store them in an air tight container and keep them safe. But keep in mind that the box is completely dry.

12. Place the peeled garlic in an air tight box, but do not wash it. Garlic quickly deteriorates due to water, but before use, wash and put it in the food. Garlic can be used comfortably for 15-20 days.

13. To keep green coriander safe for a long time, first clean it thoroughly. Put the tissue first in an air tight container and spread green coriander without washing. Cover the top with another tissue paper. Close the container and keep it in the fridge. Change the tissue paper after every 4-5 days. Green coriander will not dry for 2-3 weeks.