11 Ways of Making Money from Blog


With the rapid expansion of all things web-related, discussions related to making money from blogging change from year to year. Sure, there are the tried and tested ways, but what of the slightly newer, more modern approaches, to monetizing a blog effectively?

This article hopes to suggest eleven of these, all helping to get you up and running as fast as possible so you can start generating an income from what you publish digitally.

Ways of Making Money From Blog

  • Teaching Programs

Thanks to sites like CreativeLive, Coursera and the myriad other online learning portals, creating courses and teaching programs around a theme is one of the more common ways to start monetising the expertise demonstrated on your blog.

  • Text Links and Guest Posts

Services like Blogness.net can help make the necessary connections to help you in this relatively newer form of income generation, whereby companies pay you to include a link to a page or resource in the hope of general promotion.

  • Live Workshops

Charging people for a ticket, gathering the audience and then teaching or discussing something live in real-time is another great way to share your knowledge and make an income doing so.

  • Webinar

Being the host of a webinar, a live workshop online, you can use your blog as the portal for which people might access you as you talk about your specialist subject or niche.

  • Crowdsourcing

Raising funds and giving back to people who help contribute, whether through sites like IndieGoGo or KickStarter is something that’s becoming increasingly common for bloggers to do in order to help monetize their blog and keep providing quality content.

  • Private Forums

Comparative to paid membership sites, private forums can be a good way to make an income, linking people together through your blog and charging an annual or monthly fee for access.

  • Sell Your Theme

Bloggers having spent time customizing a theme or template for their site can go one step further to launch it out to the masses for general purchase. Provide support for the themes use and you might even consider a subscription-based pricing model.

  • Audio Advertising

Use your blog content to launch a podcast, invite guests on to your program and launch great discussion and audio advertising, just like radio ad-spots, is another open strategy to you.

  • Lightboxes

Becoming ever-more popular online, lightboxes, sometimes better known as ‘pop-ups’, when executed right and flying under the radar of a blocker, are another solid way to promote something and get some cash for it. Just be mindful of your users experience and use sparingly.

  • eBook

Writing an eBook and launching it on Amazon is becoming hugely effective for bloggers looking to diversify their income streams and get some cash flowing in. Package some of your content and add some extras and you might not even have to invest a huge amount of time into the product build and launch.

11 Ways of Making Money from Blog
11 Ways of Making Money from Blog
  • Donations

It’s now easy to integrate a PayPal donation button on your blog and begin taking cash deposits to help keep the content flowing and your audience satiated.


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