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10 Mobile SEO Best Practices

In this article you will see 10 mobile seo best practices for mobile websites. Companies are now required to maintain separate websites for mobile devices. As they can access the Internet on most mobile devices, people access websites when they are on the move.

Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to make a different version of their websites for mobile users. The mobile websites can’t just be a replica of your normal website.

It has to be specially designed with a lot of things in mind in order to be easily accessible. And as it’s for normal websites, mobile websites should also be optimized to get more traffic. Some of the ways to optimize your mobile websites are as follows:

10 Mobile SEO Best Practices

  • The colors and themes you use in your ordinary website should not be changed on your mobile website because the users can’t have the same experience if you use different colors for both. You don’t need to have all the frames and buttons, but just use the same themes and colors.
  • Simplicity is the best sophistication that you can do to your mobile website. Keep it as simple as possible in order to be easily accessible. By using the term simple, I mean not only the content but also the look and feel of your website. To make your website seo simple, the first thing to be done is cropping all the big pictures in the main site. Visitors of mobile websites are neither interested in nor have time to view big pictures. Make the icons small and when they hover over an icon, display a small but readable tooltip to tell them what the icon is.
  • Do not have many web pages because navigation is a difficult task. Some devices have a big screen but the visitors who use devices with small screens will find it difficult to navigate if you have many web pages. If your main website is like a booklet with a bunch of web pages, make your mobile website like a pamphlet with very few pages.
  • Having a completely different URL is not a wise decision. Make slight changes to the URL of the normal website so that the users easily remember it. The best format for this is having an m. (dot) in front of the actual URL to denote that it’s a mobile website. For example, if your website’s URL is www.asdf.com, name your mobile website as www.m.asdf.com.
  • Some users might want to view your main site also. Therefore, place the link to your main site on your mobile seo website. It will be helpful for the visitors who want to know what’s different in your main site. If they click on it they can also find all the content that could not be viewed on your mobile website.
  • One of the most important things is the inputs that the visitors need to provide. For instance, if a user searches for the nearest sales office and is required to fill the address and other information in about 10 fields, they will never attempt to visit your website again.
  • Have enough white space in your mobile website. If you clutter your website with too many links and buttons, the users will find it difficult to click on the links. And what’s next? They will find another website which is easy to use.
  • Have a lowest scrolling for your site. There would be both horizontal and vertical scrolling on mobile devices and so it is difficult to scroll often to read the content. Keep it short and simple.
  • Many mobile devices don’t support flash and Java. Therefore, use no flash in your website. If you want to use flash, place a link to a HTML version of your website so that all visitors can use it easily.
  • Keywords play an important role for mobile seo in optimizing your mobile website. Use the optimum number of keywords in necessary places. As in your normal website, you can’t put up detailed content. Therefore, concentrate more on the occurrence of keywords. The keywords should not be over-stuffed in any page.
10 Mobile SEO Best Practices
10 Mobile SEO Best Practices

Break up anything that seems to be complex on your mobile website. Try your website on different devices before launching it. The users are looking for simple solutions. You provide it and they will flood your website. These were 10 mobile seo best practices.

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